Terms and conditions.

Kazim Karabekir Neighborhood Station Street No: 379 "Çınar Pension and Accomodation" (hereinafter referred to as "Çınar Pension" in short) at the address of Darıca / Kocaeli. Consumer ......... .. (this contract will be referred to as "Consumer" briefly).

The subject of İşbu contract is the accommodation service at Çınar Pension located at Kazım Karabekir Station Street / DARICA / TURKEY belonging to Çınar Pansiyon http://www.gebzepansiyon.net, http://www.cinarpansiyon.net, http: // daricapansiyon .com, http://www.dilovasipansiyon.net and http://www.sekerpinarpansiyon.com are the rights and obligations of the parties to the sale in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer No 6502 and Regulations on Distance Contracts in the electronic environment.

1 - The consumer accepts and declares that he has read and know all the preliminary information about the nature of the contractual service, the sale price and the form of payment, as well as the information and gives the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.

2 - Consumer, this hostel reservation contract; Mail order, virtual post, money order and / or eft, this contract will be valid between the parties even if it can not be signed for any reason. The consumer has learned the terms of this contract through catalog, internet site or announcements and undertakes to receive the accommodation service under the written conditions stated in this contract.

3 - If the credit card belonging to the Consumer after the establishment of the contract does not pay the service fee of the bank or the financial institution to Çınarpansiyon for the reason that it is unfairly or unlawfully used to unauthorized persons unintentionally caused by the fault of Çınarpansiyonunun, the consumer is responsible for the service cost and damages.
4 - Ticketing shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of valuable goods of the Consumer in the accommodation facility.

5 - The entrance time of the consumer to the hostel is 14:00, and the departure time from the pansy is 12:00 at the latest. If the rooms are not evacuated after 12:00 pm, the consumer is already accepting and undertaking that the pension per person will pay the daily fee and that the charges for the extra food and beverage and non-systemized services are their own.

6 - Consumers (s) who do not have a signature on the contract but participate in the subject matter of the contract shall be deemed to have accepted and committed the provisions of the contract with the approval of this contract by the consumer (s)

7 - The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification, refusing goods and services within fourteen days from the date on which the contract is approved in electronic form and so the contract is established. If the cancellation notice is paid to the Çınar Pension, the price will be refunded to the customer.


8 - The type of accommodation in which the contract is written is valid unless the consumer notifies the reservation in writing of the change 7 days prior to the boarding date. In this case, the consumer is obliged to pay the full amount of the accommodation.

9 - Çınar Pension reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the consumer does not come to the hostel on the date of committing to enter the hostel. In this case, the consumer is not charged.

10 - In case of early departure of the consumer after the start of the accommodation service, the consumer accepts and undertakes to pay 30% of the total service fee for the days not hosted to Çınar Pension.

11 - In case of termination of the contract; Discounts for early booking discounts, advance payments and promotions made on campaigns are invalid. The service fee for unattended days is also calculated from the discounted net price and collected from the consumer.

12 - Consumer; If a discounted early booking product purchased during a discounted sale period wishes to make a change in the date for any reason, it shall be deemed to make an unaccompanied reservation change on the list prices valid on the date of the request.

13 - A consumer whose prepayment is reserved for use on another date may postpone this payment up to two times a year. At the new reservation date, no special rights can be claimed by paying price differences due to special day applications and pricing, the consumer is conscious of this and can not claim discounts and refunds due to price differences. The service fee charged on the date of this contract shall be the basis. Prices and conditions foreseen in the agreement can not be changed.
14 - Children discounts are valid if they are placed in the same room as the parents. The child's age declared by the consumer is considered in the reservation of the child's family. However, if the child is found to have a difference between the child's age and the age declared by the facility officer at the time of entry to the pension, the difference in price is paid by the consumer to TASIS or Agency and necessary changes are made.

15 - Çınar Pansiyon can change the reservation of the hostel announced or announced to the consumer partially or totally if it considers it necessary. The Consumer reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund the full amount paid if he / she does not accept cancellation. In this case, the consumer is not entitled to compensation.


16 - Çınar Pansiyon, http://www.gebzepansiyon.net, http://www.cinarpansiyon.net, http://daricapansiyon.com, http://www.dilovasipansiyon.net and http://www.sekerpinarpansiyon.com acknowledges and agrees that the information entered by the Consumer will not be shared with any other company or persons in any way.


17 - http://www.gebzepansiyon.net, http://www.cinarpansiyon.net, http://daricapansiyon.com, http://www.dilovasipansiyon.net and http://www.sekerpinarpansiyon.com The security of information exchanged between the payment system and the consumer is provided by a layer called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In the 128 Bit SSL Certified Payment System used by Çınar Pansio, no part of the Credit Card information or information of the Consumer is recorded and the card information can not be accessed by anyone other than the consumer who assigns the credit card of the Consumer. Once the credit card information is entered and confirmed in the secure zone, it is sent to the approval system of the Consumer's bank and payment is made with approval from the bank. If there is any mistake in the credit card information, or if the limit is insufficient, the bank sends an error code to the system. In these cases, an e-mail can be sent to info@cinarpansiyon.net by specifying the relevant error code.

18 - Çınar Pansiyon accepts and undertakes that the Consumer's credit card information is not stored in the system of Çınar Pansiyon at all.

19 - Never write down your credit card number or passwords in e-mails that you send to our Customer Service regarding any of your orders. Information contained in e-mails may be seen by third parties. Çınar Pansiyon can not guarantee the security of the information transferred from your e-mails in any circumstances.


20 - Contract price .... TL (VAT Included) dir. The consumer agrees that Çınar Pension has given approval and authorization to Çınar Pension for the collection of the entire amount of this charge on the credit card stated in electronic form on the terms and conditions stated in the preliminary information form.


21 - The contract is made up of 21 items and the parties acknowledge and declare that the addresses to which they are notified are the address of notification and that the KOCAELI courts and executive offices are competent in case of disagreement.
Terms and conditions.